Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another 20% Off the Top of the State Government

This story literally took my breath away. From Gongwer/MiTech:
All state departments will start the 2010-11 fiscal year with 20 percent less general fund money than they have for the current year under the budget proposals being developed by the administration of Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Granholm press secretary Liz Boyd confirmed Monday that the departments had been asked to figure on 20 percent cuts. Those plans are due to the governor November 30 to begin internal budget discussions.

Holy sh*t.

This was leaked after the Commission on Agriculture met yesterday. The state Dept. of Agriculture will layoff 39 people on Friday due to the budget that just passed, bringing the total to 10% of its staff.

You wanted "cuts"? Oh man, you are going to see cuts. On top of the massive reduction to state government we have seen since the year 2000, and the cuts that were just passed in the current budget - another 20% should pretty much do it, don't you think?