Monday, November 23, 2009

Five Senate Republicans Who Would Love to Hear From You About the Promise Scholarship

The MSU Dems have identified five Senate Republicans who are feeling a bit left out when it comes to constituent calls and e-mails about the Promise Scholarship. Lost, lonely, three of them a little frightened about prospects for re-election, they have been shoved off to the side as Mike Bishop grabs at the media spotlight and all the fundraising dollars he can, neglecting the needs his fellow Republican chamber mates for his own political purposes. They face a bleak holiday season this year, as family and friends and future voters will make this "All About Mike" with their concerns and comments about funding education, leaving these five to question the value of their participation in the process.

Won't you help? Imagine, just five minutes of your time can lift the spirits of these abused and unwanted lawmakers by letting them know they are important, giving them the strength to break the grip of oppression, encouraging them to embark down their own political path, free from the tyranny of the teabaggers who currently control their careers.

But they can't do it alone! They need to hear from you!

Senator Roger Kahn

Senator Bruce Patterson

Senator Valde Garcia

Senator Randy Richardville

Senator John Pappageorge

Call or write today. Help make it a wonderful Thanksgiving for these five forgotten souls by lending your voice of encouragement on returning the Promise Scholarship. You'll be glad you did.