Monday, November 16, 2009

Governor Granholm Fights for the Promise Scholarship

If the wimpy House Dems won't do it, the governor will. Greatly admire this woman's willingness to meet with the public on these issues - besides facing many school officials and local citizens on the K-12 cuts over the past couple of weeks, this week the governor will take the message of saving the Promise Scholarship to college students across the state.

While Bishop and Dillon choose the "safe" route of Chamber of Commerce meetings, fundraisers, and other gatherings that are generally closed to most of the public, Granholm is out there, meeting with the actual people who have to face the burden of implimenting these cuts. She's working with them, and urging them to contact lawmakers about addressing these budget issues. My guess is that she has to take quite a bit of heat herself, and she deals with it, but when Mike and Andy bragged about cutting her out of the budget process, they actually ended up positioning her as an "outsider". Heh.

It's a good place to be. Go get 'em, governor.

Call you senator at 517-373-2400, or drop them a line at They need a friendly reminder that "the governor proposes, the legislature disposes", and it's all on them to get something accomplished for our state.