Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michigan Senate Ignoring School Funding and Leaving for Vacation - Call Today!

It looked for a moment like they might do the responsible thing and forgo any personal vacation time to work on Michigan's budget issues - but today the Senate schedule was changed from "tentative" for the next two weeks, to one session next Wednesday. Call it "No Vacation Left Behind" on the part of the Michigan Senate. Not surprising, really. They make sure and take their benefits, while they demand that everyone else make sacrifices. What else is new?

So, in honor of that, and in honor of the nasty robocall that Kathy received "denouncing parent groups" for complaining about the cuts to school funding (how dare they!) - I think you should call your Senator and tell them exactly what you think about them ignoring the school funding crisis so they can take more vacation time.

Contact the Republican Senators here, phone numbers are provided under each Senator. They are running this show; they are the ones to call.

Even Jack Lessenberry took a break from bashing the governor to call out Mike Bishop's behavior the other day. You KNOW it's serious when that happens.

Right now, Mike Bishop is an underdog for the attorney general's spot, running behind Bill Schuette, a former congressman parachuting back into politics. Bishop needs to show he can score a big victory for the poison Kool-Aid drinking nuts, and block any attempt at raising revenue or saving the schools. That's exactly what he will do too, if the voters don't do something to stop him. If you want your state to have any future, put this paper down and write, telegraph or grab your local state senator and try to make them agree to fight for the schools.

Tell them to support HB 4860, and use the last of the stimulus money for the kids. That money will be long gone before next year, no matter what. If they don't use it for the kids, the Legislature will use it for something else, or just throw it into the ever-growing deficit hole.

Call today. If you read this too late to do that, just keep this in mind for future reference: For Mike Bishop and the Senate Republicans, personal vacation always comes first.

Vote accordingly.