Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday Weekend Update

President Obama's Weekly Address: Veterans Day and Ft. Hood revisited.

Michigan Weekend Update:

  • Great editorial from Gongwer in Dome on Lt. Gov. John Cherry, pointing out that he is rapidly becoming the "alternative" candidate in the 2010 race, putting a very nice distance between himself and (ahem) "others" in the legislature. Smart move. Speaking of the "others"...

  • The LSJ calls out Dillon's dithering on his health care proposal, asking for proof of these so-called savings, and wondering what in the hell is taking so long. "You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May", the media giveth, the media taketh away...

  • Bishop tells the governor to stop holding press conferences. I think she held two the following week. Bishop tells governor to stop stirring up the rabble when it comes to school funding. Governor plans whirlwind tour of the state's colleges to get those young, energetic, and hopefully very boisterous college students all riled up about the Promise Scholarship. She's handing out the phone number to the Senate and urging people to call (517-373-2400, put it on speed dial). I don't know if this is all coincidence or what, but I'm getting a chuckle out of it.

    Not real thrilled about her offering up the EITC in trade though - but since the House has made noises in that direction lately as well, I'd rather see it go towards the Promise than eliminating the Republican-created MBT surcharge. I guess. You big meanies.

  • School officials are taking note of Bishop's blatant political motives when it comes to the funding issue.

    A leading public school official said Friday that Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop has allowed his campaign for attorney general to affect his judgment on funding for public schools.

    Asked on Michigan Public Television's "Off the Record" about why Mr. Bishop has refused to support more revenue besides the Senate Republican plan to delay a scheduled increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit, William Mayes, executive director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators, said, "He'd like to have a next political office. ... It's affecting his decision making."

    Bishop was in Grand Rapids yesterday, "debating" with Dillon surrogate Tim Melton in front of the only crowd that Republicans will face - the GR Chamber of Commerce. You won't catch Mike meeting with school officials or groups of students. The general public need not apply.

  • Raising taxes for roads, A-OK with Senate Republican Jud Gilbert. Wouldn't want to lose millions in federal matching funds, you know. Too bad they don't feel the same way about health care.

  • 13,000 new jobs if we boost our recycling rate to 30%? What are we waiting for?

  • Against all odds, two veteran publishers are launching a new daily paper in Detroit. The Detroit Daily Press starts publishing Nov. 23rd, home delivery starts the 30th. Gutsy move, best of luck to them.

  • $10 a year to get into the state parks? Sure, give it a try. I'd pay it, and I don't buy daily/yearly passes now. This has been successful in Montana; let's see what kind of response we get here - as long as that money goes to the parks (raises eyebrow). If we hit 17% of motorists paying the $10, we hit the $11.7 million the fees bring in currently. At 75% of motorists paying, it would be $53.8 million. The parks sure could use that kind of money. Montana has a participation rate of 70%.