Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Turkey Named Courage

The 2009 Presidential Turkey Pardon:

Want something to be thankful for?

The guy in that video is not George W. Bush.

See? There's always somethin'.

This has been one tough year, no doubt about that. One of the hardest in Michigan's history. "Courage" is the one thing I wish for us all, for next year is shaping up to be even tougher as we continue to deal with the fallout from the Great Recession. But as President Obama said:

In more tranquil times, it’s easier to notice our many blessings; it’s even easier to take them for granted. But in times like these, they resonate a bit more powerfully.

The good things in your life are that much better when times are the hardest. Cherish your blessings this Thanksgiving, and remember that gratitude can be one of the most healing emotions you can have.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!