Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Never fails. Every election I find something on the ballot that I didn't know would be there - today it's a non-partisan vote for Library Commission. Other than that, I have a school millage renewal and a few city seats running unopposed - not exactly your big, burning, OMG I can't wait to go vote kind of day here in GR. But I will go. It's only a block from my house, the poll workers are very nice, and sometimes they have candy and cookies. I imagine they will be bored out of their skulls today, so I go say "hi" and let them know they are appreciated.

Check with the SOS site for a sample ballot for your area - always good to walk in prepared.

Other areas of the state have bigger decisions to make - Detroit for mayor and City Council seats, Kalamazoo for the non-discrimination ordinance 1856, the 19th District State Senate seat in the Battle Creek/Jackson area, which they will have to turn right around and run for again, but make sure to get out and vote anyway - you never know, there might be cookies it in for you.

Here's another ad from One Kalamazoo, all my best wishes go out today for those who are fighting for equal rights - here, and across the country.