Wednesday, December 02, 2009

EPIC Poll: 75% Feel Some Tax Increases Needed to Balance Budget

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From a Mike Bishop campaign e-mail:

Because of your support, we were able to stand firm against any tax increases, cut the cost of government and begin the process to turn Michigan around!


Michigan legislators played politics with the state’s education budget and it may come back to haunt them. That’s the finding of an exclusive WXYZ-TV, Detroit News poll.

According to the exclusive poll 82% of the respondents agreed that politicians were more concerned about partisan politics than protecting the best educational interests of children.

The survey of 600 people conducted by EPIC-MRA also revealed that 51% of the state electorate would be less likely next year to vote for legislators who oppose proposals to restore education funds. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

So, you played politics, it shows, and now they don't want to vote for you. Senator Bishop?

These measures are still not enough to satisfy the governor's need for more revenue. The democrats' efforts to undo what was won through a series of tough negotiations will only hurt Michigan and our citizens.

Yeah. Right. 56% of Michigan citizens now say that they have felt the impact from these budget cuts - up 30% from June. And about that "need for more revenue"...

The state budget is also changing public opinion on education funding. Ninety-two percent described the state budget as a crisis situation, and 75% said some tax increases are needed to balance the budget.

A 49% plurality supports expanding the 6 cent sales tax to include services not currently taxed. The poll also found that a majority of 77% favors reducing tax breaks and loopholes for corporations, and a 65% majority would support a graduated income tax.

Jobs and the economy still lead the list of issues of concern at 46%, but now education has jumped up to #2 at 19%. Keeping state taxes low? 7%.

When you put the partisan question in relation to next year's elections...

Some legislators were more concerned about appealing to their partisan base and winning primary election nominations in their political party than they were in doing what was right for our children. Do you agree or disagree?

64% Strongly agree
21% Somewhat agree
6% Somewhat disagree
4% Strongly disagree
5% Undecided/ Don’t know/Refused

Looks like the citizens are on to you all. Question now is: Will this make any difference in lawmaker behavior? Or, should we start to "Countdown to Shutdown" clock for 2010?

Place your bets.