Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It Doesn't Take A Genius


September 30th, 2009:

Late Tuesday, House Speaker Andy Dillon of Redford Township said his fellow Democrats who control the House will have to accept the bitter medicine of deep cuts with the hopes that the Republican-controlled Senate would muster votes for new taxes or fees to restore programs they say are critical to the state's values.

"Where lives could be in jeopardy, where the future of the state is put in jeopardy, we will do a supplemental budget and we will identify how we pay for it," he said. "That plan is still in motion."

Not anymore.

State House Speaker Andy Dillon says he does not expect there will be a deal to restore funding for college scholarships, health care, or local governments, before the Legislature begins its winter break.

But what about K-12? December 4th, 2009:

The Redford Township Democrat said in an interview today with The Detroit News he doesn't want to wait until January or February to mitigate the $292 per pupil reductions in school aid because it would be too late for many local districts.

"For example, Wayne-Westland is talking about closing seven buildings now," he said. "We need to find some short-term, targeted revenues for schools (this month)."

But we're not gonna do that either. A mere five days later:

Nevertheless, Dillon pegs the odds of restoring money for schools at less than 50-50.

We understand that the House is up against the unmovable teabagger object in Mike Bishop. No doubt about that. The problem here is the reluctance to point that out - which makes the Democrats look like the surrender monkeys that they are. How in the world do you expect to motivate people to work for you in 2010 when it appears that there is no inclination on the part of Democrats to fight for the things that matter to people?

Speaker Dillon, get to the blackboard and write 100 times:

The Republicans refuse to fund our schools.
The Republicans refuse to fund our schools.
The Republicans refuse to fund our schools.

And don't talk to the press again until you get it through your head. Your refusal to frame this in the correct manner is going to cost us dearly.