Friday, January 29, 2010

Club For Growth: Schauer Cut More Pork Than Miller And Camp in 2009

Hahahaha! I'm taking this one straight out of the inbox:

This week the free trade group Club for Growth, which endorsed ex-Congressman Tim Walberg in 2006 and 2008, released its "RePORK Card" to identify members of Congress who were most willing to vote to remove earmarks, or "pork," from the federal budget. Congressman Mark Schauer (D-MI) had the highest ranking of any Michigan Democrat according to the report, scoring higher than Rep. Dave Camp and Candice Miller - both of whom recently endorsed Tim Walberg in the GOP primary.

"To get our economy back on track, Congressman Schauer believes Washington must tighten its belt by cutting wasteful government spending and focusing on job creation," said Sarah Blaney, spokeswoman for Schauer's campaign. "Club for Growth has spent millions of dollars on Tim Walberg over the past two election cycles, but even they can't deny the fact that Mark Schauer did more to cut pork from the federal budget last year than the only two Republican members of the Michigan delegation who've been willing to endorse Walberg."

For comparison, Schauer scored a 43% on Club for Growth's "RePORK Card," while Republican Reps. Dave Camp and Candice Miller scored 31% and 24%, respectively (higher percentages equal more votes to eliminate earmark pork). The national average for Democrats was 3%, with a median of 0%. Fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats had an average score of 7%, and a median of 0% (52 members), and freshmen Democrats had an average score of 10%, and a median of 1% (32 members).

“While Mark has voted against wasteful projects like Maine Lobster research, he’s also proven he’ll fight for any federal funding that creates jobs here in Michigan," said Blaney. "This stands in stark contrast to Tim Walberg who disingenuously took credit for funding he requested after voting against it. Instead of sitting on the sidelines like Walberg did, Schauer is getting results for Michigan."

Wait, we coulda had lobster? Going to have to have a talk with the Congressman next time I see him...