Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dillon Tells Audience Legislature "Probably" Won't Act on School Funding This Year

Nothing like throwing the game before it has even started, right? Andy Dillon tells an audience of parents and educators in Livonia that they better get ready for more cuts, because we shouldn't expect anything out of this Legislature this year. They have their future jobs to think about.

Per-pupil funding is expected to be cut by at least another $268 because of an expected $400 million shortfall in the school aid fund, the legislators said. And school districts will be asked to contribute more to their employees' retirement.

In Livonia, per-pupil funding was unexpectedly cut by approximately $475 in the middle of this school year, necessitating budget cuts and employee concessions to save jobs and programs.

While some people advocate reforming school funding, the state Legislature probably won't “step up to do tough things” in 2010 because it's an election year, Dillon said.

The House speaker said people have a right to be angry. “I'm angry at the dysfunction in Lansing,” he said.

So, you did nothing to address our problems last year, after you promised that you would, you're already admitting that nothing will get done this year, after promising us last fall that it would, and you want us to hire you again? And I'm not speaking just to Dillon, I'm speaking about everyone running for office, from both chambers. What do you possibly have to show for accomplishments at this point? The texting ban?

Whaddaya say, voters? While we should probably give out some points for honesty here, perhaps it's time to find some people who are interested in, you know, actually working for the good of this state instead of constantly kicking the can down the road and saying "no, we can't".

EDIT to add this: Bishop is already threatening an all cuts budget if he doesn't get his way with the union-busting, unconstitutional cuts to the state employees. This is a MIRS headline:

"Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) today said that if his caucus' reforms don't go through, he has an all-cuts budget at his fingertips for Fiscal Year (FY) 2011."

This is what happens when you don't stand up to the bullies - they just keep bullying you. And Michigan gets hurt.

Will the Democrats respond? Will the press, and more importantly, those "business leaders", even notice that Bishop is not compromising on reforms and tax structure? Where is all that "bipartisanship" that everyone claims is so important?

The Freep called out Bishop on his so-called "plan" today - will others step up to the plate and do the same?