Thursday, January 07, 2010

GM Starts Volt Battery Production

History being made today in Brownstown Township - this is the first production facility of its kind in the US, but it certainly won't be the last. And because we have played our cards right, it appears that a lot of battery production will occur right here in Michigan, leading to thousands and thousands of jobs in the coming years.

Wishing GM all the best on the Volt, with more models to follow in the future.
Brownstown Township -- General Motors Co. assembled the first lithium-ion battery pack for its Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car today.

The event drew U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and GM Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre and a host of federal, state and local politicians who heralded the battery's production as a symbolic step toward remaking Michigan's economy and the nation's manufacturing sector.

Chu's presence underscores the importance that the Volt and other alternatively powered vehicles could have on cutting consumer reliance on foreign oil.

"We will recapture the lead we have lost and become the world leader in clean vehicles," Chu said. "This is where the real work begins. I know we will succeed."

And as far as GM and their ability to be competitive, not only in green technology but in the auto market in general, Gongwer had an interesting stat in their year-end roundup that shouldn't be overlooked.

Before the renegotiated contracts, U.S. carmakers had to deal with a cost disadvantage of $2,000 a vehicle. Now, just at GM, the new contract could provide the company with savings of as much as $6,000 a vehicle, giving it a cost advantage of as much as $4,000 a vehicle.

"The potential is for amazing profitability," (Head of the Center for Automotive Research at U-M David Cole) said.

A lot of people sacrificed to put the company in this position to start again - go get 'em GM. We are rooting for you.

And thank you for choosing Michigan to pioneer this technology. Now make it work!