Friday, January 29, 2010

Gongwer/EPIC Poll: Voters Oppose Bishop's Plan to Cut Public Employee Pay

Voters have consistently opposed most everything that Mike Bishop suggests. They didn't like the all-cuts budget from last year, they don't like the new proposal that would cut public employee pay and benefits. A Gongwer exclusive:

Proposed constitutional amendments from the Senate Republicans to cut the pay of every public employee in the state by 5 percent and require them to contribute 20 percent to the cost of their health insurance would fail to win public approval, according to a poll commissioned by Gongwer News Service.

The poll, conducted by the Lansing-based polling firm EPIC/MRA, showed 40 percent of voters would support the constitutional amendments while 49 percent would oppose them.

Interesting stat, the proposal gained favor in Detroit 48-40, but was strongly opposed out in the hinterlands 55-35. Other than that, men and women opposed, black and white opposed, educational levels had college degrees split and anything under opposed. Those making over $100,000 a year were in favor. And in the chase for what is becoming the most prized voter of all - those golden independents - the survey said:

Perhaps most significantly, independent voters opposed the plan, 51 percent against to 37 percent in favor. Democrats were even more strongly against it, 65-28. But Republicans supported it, 54 percent in favor to 36 percent against.

"The proposal is not appealing to independents," Mr. Porn said. "Democrats are solidly against it, and Republicans are not that enthusiastic about it."

The poll also asked about the overall plan, which includes more cuts to Medicaid that wouldn't be on the ballot, and support drops even further, 46-37.

Matt Marsden tried to explain away these results by indicating the voters don't like "change" as he questioned the wording, meaning, if they could twist it around to their liking they would get different results. No doubt. But when poll after poll after poll has shown that the public is NOT in favor of the Republican "all cuts, all the time" agenda, and that they are OK with revenue increases to fund public safety, education and health care, it becomes incumbent on the Democrats to offer a competing proposal that the public will support.

Wouldn't you think?

Maybe everyone should become an "independent". Perhaps they will listen to us then.