Monday, January 04, 2010

Good Stuff

It happens. Really, it does.
  • An independent study from the Center for Climate Strategies says that our renewable energy/carbon footprint plan, as outlined by the Michigan Climate Action Council, will not only benefit the environment, it's going to create thousands of jobs and save big $$.

    But more than the environment would benefit, the nonprofit group said. It projected gains of 129,000 jobs, a $25 billion uptick in the gross state product and lower prices for home energy sources such as electricity, oil and natural gas.

    The study concluded that our actions would "reduce greenhouse gas emissions to more than 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2025". Pretty impressive.

  • Speaking of lower energy costs, natural gas prices are lower this winter. While it still costs a fortune to heat this barn I live in, I've noticed a drop in the past couple of bills I've received. Good thing when times are so tight for folks.

  • Pete Hoekstra is a tool. Seems supposedly net-savvy Twitter Pete forgot to register "", and the kids are having a field day with it - so much so that it has received national attention that has now filtered down to the local level. And the main headline that was frequently repeated after Pete's latest round of media appearances over the weekend was: "Hoekstra sidesteps question about fund-raising". Maybe there is no such thing as "bad publicity", but Hoekstra sure is doing his best to test that theory.

  • Governor Granholm signed "Race to the Top" legislation today, putting us in the running for hundreds of millions in federal funding for school improvements and reforms. The DNews has a good rundown on all the items contained in the bills; despite some controversy on a few issues (the MEA is throwing a fit), there's some interesting ideas in there. Fingers crossed for the bucks, because we sure need it. More good news for schools - the $127 per pupil cut is on hold for now.

  • A little change goes a long way. Boxes in the checkout lanes at Michigan Kroger stores have raised $342,000 for cancer research, proceeds to stay right here in the state.

  • The Census Bureau is looking to hire - up to 1,000 employees here in West Michigan alone. Need a temporary job? Call 866-861-2010, or apply online at

  • New York's Attorney General has signed on to the legal fight against the Asian carp, joining us, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio in the effort to close those locks. Lawyers for the Asian carp could not be reached for comment.

  • Hey Yoopers! Got anything you want to say to Bart Stupak? Here is your chance.

    Those are some of the good things that happened here in your great state today.