Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday News Bites

Clearing out the inbox and the saved links. Less clutter on the computer that way.

  • The White House has announced ARRA tax credits for green jobs in Michigan, 9 projects receiving $240 million (with a major chunk going to Hemlock Semiconductor, Dow, and other solar companies), to "foster investment and job creation in clean energy manufacturing". Note the word "manufacturing" here; these credits are going to existing companies that have the potential to hire soon. The WH bumped the allotment to the credit program with a focus on factory jobs:

    Last month, the White House endorsed a $5 billion increase -- to $7.3 billion -- in a tax credit program to boost factory jobs -- in part because they had to reject more than 350 applicants for the credits because there wasn't enough money.

    The Guv's office tells us that Michigan received more than 10 percent of the tax credits awarded nationwide, and this could bring more than $750 million in private investment to the state.

  • 'Nuff said. Lawyer Richard Bernstein will prove a formidable challenge on the Dem side, considering that he can self-fund to the tune of millions - but I'm still rooting for the one who has shown she will stand up to the likes of Mike Bishop. Go Gretchen!

  • Dave Bing was sworn-in as mayor of Detroit on Friday, my fav photog John T. Greilick has some awesome shots of the inauguration that incorporate the stunningly beautiful FOX Theatre in them. Nice job dude, makes me want to get back in there sometime.

  • The UP State Fair, set for next August, has gathered enough donations and sponsors to put the event ahead of the game on fundraising efforts. Will the Detroit area step up and do the same?

  • The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce has released a carbon footprint calculator for local companies to use to evaluate their energy usage and look for savings. We be goin' green around here. Another interesting bit of GR news: The city leads the state in inbound migration (yes, there are people moving TO Michigan), followed by Midland, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo and Detroit. With all this new growth around here, it may just come to pass that GR could be seen as one of the more "progressive" areas of the state. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Never say never.

  • It's the Return of Dick DeVos. Or, an amazing facsimile. Luke brings us the news that Republican Rick Snyder plans to go on the air in February, and spend up to $5 million on TV ads. Hmmm. I think I've seen this episode before...

  • Another head-scratcher: Wonder why all the Granholm-bashing conservative editorialists around these here parts don't mention the fact that governors all across the country are struggling with approval numbers, and the ones that are running are facing difficult re-election battles. This AP story (which has been carried by numerous outlets nationwide) tells us that it doesn't matter if you're an R or a D; it's a brutal scene out there. Funny how that fact never comes up...

  • As predicted, election-year politics threaten to stand in the way of reform, and "business leaders" are scrambling to implement their Turnaround Plan before they run out of time. Who wants to break it to them that it's probably already too late?

    That's all for now....