Saturday, February 13, 2010

It was a good thought at the time...

A blast from a campaign past tugged at my heart today. From the GR Press, Nov. 8, 2006 (now archived), the local spin from the day after Granholm had won a resounding victory for a second term, carrying the city of Grand Rapids over DeVos by a 57-40 margin. But really set the GOP on its heels was the fact that the Democrats took back the Michigan House. One voter remarked:

Alicia Eppinga, 41, a musician from Northeast Grand Rapids, voted not only for Granholm but for Democrats further down the ticket.

"I don't usually vote straight party, but with the state of government, I wanted to be sure we have some Democrats in there to help Gov. Granholm," said Eppinga.

Yeah. Like that.

The change was good news for state Rep. Michael Sak, D-Grand Rapids. Sak is seeking the position of majority floor leader, the legislative quarterback and second-in-command after House speaker.

"We will have a Legislature that will work with this governor instead of being an obstructionist type of Legislature," said Sak. He vowed to focus "on the issues that are important to the middle class, to the hard-working families across this state, and not putting the rich special interest groups first."

Nah. Nowadays we put Blue Cross Blue Shield, DTE, and Consumers first. That's not the same thing, right?

Jesus wept.