Sunday, February 28, 2010

Speaker Dillon's Platform. Why Wait?

Curious e-mail from the Speaker today tells us of his goals for Michigan:

Dillon pledged as governor he would develop and carry out strategies to launch Michigan into new realms of growth industries and innovation, including hybrid and battery technology. His plan includes:

  • Requiring public utilities to generate a significant percentage of power from renewable sources - as a result thousands of new jobs will be created.

  • Increase the Research and Development tax credit to help businesses create new products

  • Increase funding for the No Worker Left Behind program, which has helped more than 25,000 Michigan workers

  • Restore the Michigan Promise Scholarship Program

  • Fund Pre-Kindergarten Education to invest for Michigan children in danger of falling behind

    Dillon said he would pay for his plan by bringing greater efficiency to state government, including reforming the state’s purchasing process and consolidating the health plans of Michigan’s public workers.

  • Let's put aside the fact he's totally ripping off Governor Granholm on most of these things (ahem) - the question really becomes: Why wait?

    Consider the fact that he holds the leadership position in the House, and commands a huge Democratic majority in votes. Should be no problem to get his agenda through this year, right?

    And, if he is a master at bridging the partisan divide, well, what better time to do that when one on your best friends is the Republican leader of the Senate? Dillon should have a great working relationship with the Republicans in office already - after all, he did pass their budget last year. Don't they owe him something?

    There is no reason why Dillon can't get this agenda done this year. Matter of fact, if he is really serious about it, it's imperative that he get it done this year. Next year may be too late. With the turnover in seats, either through term limits or the election, we will have to train a whole new group of lawmakers. Who knows what they will do, or how they will behave. The batch we have right now is seasoned and up-to-speed on the issues.

    Michigan can't afford to wait another year for action - and Dillon is in the best spot he can possibly be in, right now, to get these things done. So, go do it.

    We've already had three years of promises. Let's see some results.