Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Obviously not a problem, if you're a Michigan Democrat.

Caveats: This is Rasmussen. It's still early. It will change. But one stat points to a serious problem that no one seems to have the money to address, and that is - who in the hell are you people?

The telephone poll of 541 like Democratic primary voters found 53% had no preference when asked to choose from the three contenders, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero (8%), House Speaker Andy Dillon (12%) and state Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith (10%). Seventeen percent of those surveyed by Rasmussen said they preferred a different candidate altogether.

All three of the announced candidates suffer from relative obscurity, with 59%-65% of Democratic voters saying they don’t know them well enough to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion, Rasmussen said in a news release about the poll.

"Undecided" and "Not You" are the big winners so far with the Dems. Not good. Lack of a strong presence at the top of the ticket has the potential to hurt those down the ballot - but again, it's still early.

As for the GOTea Party, there is some cold comfort in the fact that Cox seems to keep falling behind in all the recent polls, but there is still the possibility that it's simply the east side splitting the vote at this point. It should also be pointed out that "undecided" leads here as well.

The Rasmussen poll had Hoekstra at 27%, Snyder, 18%, Cox, 13% and Bouchard, 5%. Thirty-two percent were undecided and 5% would prefer another candidate.

The Snyder ads have really dropped off now; he obviously doesn't have the money that DeVos had to keep flooding the airwaves with a new commercial every three weeks or so.

Count your blessings, and enjoy the peace.