Monday, March 08, 2010

Even Republicans Don't Like Mike Bishop

Let's all point and laugh at Mike Bishop.

Wait, maybe not. Chances are he will run and hide in the bathroom for the rest of what looks to be his increasingly short time in public office, and people have to get in there and clean, you know.

I'm not one to hang around Republican circles of course, but even someone well outside of that scene can start to see that Bishop isn't held in high regard by those in his own party. Although he sends out e-mail blasts that proclaim how popular he is all the time, and he trumpets his teabagger bonafides as he works to throw grandma out of the nursing home - the big name elephants are not rewarding his personal policy of total obstruction and destruction, and seem to be running in the other direction.

Maybe it's because he hangs out with Andy. Hard to tell.

Former appeals court Judge Bill Schuette won an endorsement for attorney general today from current office holder and Republican candidate for governor Mike Cox.

"Bill Schuette understands that law enforcement is the first building block to economic recovery in Michigan," said Cox. "Bill Schuette is committed to keeping our homes, neighborhoods, schools and families safe, and I am proud today to endorse him in the race for attorney general."

Add Cox to a list that includes John Engler, Spence Abraham, Dave Camp, Vern Ehlers, Mike Rogers, Candice Miller, Alan Cropsey, Valde Garcia, Tony Stamas, various House Republicans including world class wingnut Paul Opsommer, and big, big GOP yahoos like Dick & Betsy DeVos, Saul Anuzis, Pete Secchia, and Chuck Yob.

Wow, Mikey. You are toast.

Bruce Patterson, never one of Bishop's admirers to be sure, took a shot at Bishop last week on the Senate floor. Unfortunately he retracted it from the Senate Journals so we don't know the full extent of what he said, but MIRS published this "Quote of the Day" for all to see:

"I don't appreciate the condescending, banal attacks. Especially from a man who I could not entrust my briefcase to to walk into court behind me."

- Sen. Bruce PATTERSON (R-Canton), speaking of Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) after the Leader questioned on WJR radio Patterson's decision not to support the rejection of state employees' 3 percent pay increase on Wednesday.

Someone needs to fill me in on why Bishop is so despised by members of his own party, because I'm starting to feel a little sorry for him here.

Ha ha ha! OK, not really, but I am curious.