Thursday, March 25, 2010

Granholm Directs Cox to Intervene in Health Care Lawsuit

It's a thing of beauty. Cox has now been directed to intervene in his own obstruction. You can read the whole letter here, complete with the pertinent articles of the Michigan Constitution, as well as a Freep quote from Mike Cox himself. Nice touch. Special thanks to MM for typing out this next part so I didn't have to:

“I certainly do not question your authority or even your obligation when specifically authorized under MCL 14.28 to intervene in litigation in your capacity as Attorney General and to vigorously advocate those positions you believe are most consistent with the constitution and laws of this state. Your statutory authority does not, however, override the superior constitutional authority vested in the Governor to determine the position to be taken by the executive branch of the state government and certainly does not authorize you, as Attorney General, to unilaterally, and without consultation, to determine and declare the policy position of the state of Michigan.

Accordingly, pursuant to the constitutional authority vested in me as Governor, and the statutory duty imposed upon you by MCL 14.28, I am directing you to intervene in the Florida litigation on behalf of the Governor, the state of Michigan, and the Michigan Department of Community Health to uphold the recently enacted federal health care legislation and to protect and preserve the important protections afforded our state and its citizens by the new law.”

Expect the standard Republican temper tantrum from Cox later today. It should be very obvious by now that the Teabag Party has no intention of behaving like rational adults in this or any other matter - let's see if Cox wants to dig the hole even deeper.

UPDATE: Cox tells WOOD TV8 that he will provide representation for the Governor's position - after he reiterated his anti-gay and anti-affirmative action stances as examples of where he has disagreed with the Governor before. Have to keep polishing those wingnut credentials for the race, ya know, but it's very interesting that he chose to back down here.