Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mike Cox Demands Transparency From Everyone But Mike Cox

This was just too easy.

"Voters and job providers across the State deserve financial disclosure from Michigan’s next CEO,” Cox said in a released statement.

“This week I disclosed my personal finances and tax returns again. Each of the other candidates for governor and their spouses, Republicans and Democrats, should disclose their personal finances for the last four years immediately to let taxpayers and job makers know up front about where they make their money, any boards they serve on and to let the sun shine in on any potential conflicts of interest."

This would be the same Mike Cox that can't seem to find his own phone records...

Attorney General Mike Cox can't turn over his home phone records in connection with a lawsuit brought by the family of a slain exotic dancer because he doesn't remember and can't find out what phone company he used in 2003, a federal judge was told today.

And the same Mike Cox that won't unseal his deposition on the same case...

Seven weeks after giving testimony in the Tamara Greene case, Attorney General Mike Cox has not moved to unseal the transcript of his deposition, as a spokesman said he would.

And the same Mike Cox that funneled proceeds of lawsuit settlements obtained by the Attorney General's office to political donors until he was busted on it and then quickly sent the money somewhere else, and then claimed it would cost too much money to disclose the whereabouts of other such funds (GR Press 5/21/2009, or see this press release)...

Brewer also filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Cox, asking for documentation on how Cox spent settlement funds since he took office in 2003.

The cost of that search, according to Cox's office, would be $143,000. Sellek said Brewer sought to exploit the issue by filing a request so broad it would require the searching of thousands of boxes of documents.

Brewer called it "pure hypocrisy" that Cox would charge so much for a records search.

Yeah, that Mike Cox. Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican, and Cox exemplifies that fact with every demand he makes.