Monday, March 08, 2010

Rally For Health Care at Congressman Schauer's Jackson Office Thursday

The teabaggers are targeting Mark Schauer again. Be there if you can. From the OFA:

We urgently need your help. This Thursday, the Michigan Republican Party is planning to hold a health care protest outside Congressman Mark Schauer's office at 4:30 pm. The GOP invitation says, "We need your help to stop Mark Schauer and the liberals from a radical government takeover of health care!"

These accusations could not be further from the truth. We need to fix our broken health care system, hold the big health insurance companies accountable, eliminate the prescription drug donut hole, and cut health care costs for working families. If you agree with Congressman Schauer and these principles, you can show your support by attending a Rally for Health Care Reform this Thursday.

We're in the homestretch of a 62-year battle to fix our broken health care system. Mark Schauer is ready to get the job done, but the Party of No and their deep-pocketed friends and greedy insurance company CEOs are willing to do whatever it takes to defend the status quo for another 62 years We can't let them get away with it. There is too much at stake for our economy and Michigan's working families.

Come and show your support for health care reform and Mark Schauer this Thursday - RSVP and don't forget to tell your friends! Together, we can win this battle.

The rally starts at 4PM - get there early if possible, and grab a sign.

800 W Ganson, Jackson, MI

Link to Google Map of the area.