Monday, May 24, 2010

Bill Schuette For Big Oil

From your friends at the MDP, who just want to remind everyone that as a State Senator, Bill Schuette sponsored and voted for a bill that would allow drilling in the Great Lakes. Money quote:

"No one thinks an Exxon Valdez problem will crop up"- USA Today, Oct. 1997

Granted, this may have been a while ago, but just think, if we followed Bill Schuette's vision, the scenes that are playing out in Louisiana could happen right here on our Michigan shores - and then you can wave bye-bye to our beautiful coastline, fishing, and tourism dollars.

Moral of the story: Just say no to the Drill, Baby, Drill, Republicans when it comes to the Great Lakes. Drilling is probably not a popular idea at this particular point in time (understatement of the year), but remember who suggested it if and when it crops up again.

This ad clocks in at over two minutes, so apparently it is a web-release only for now. Maybe they can trim it down for future use on the TeeVee. The creepy music and no voice-over is pretty effective.

One more thing.

Mike who?