Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grab the Popcorn: Cox Attacks Hoekstra in New TV Ad

It's filing day, and we have five, count 'em five, Republican candidates for governor this year. Time for them to start thinning out the herd. Rumor has it that Mike Cox is not well-liked in certain Republican circles, and, in a new television ad that started today, you can start to see why. Poor front-runner Twitter Pete probably didn't know what hit him. Remember, he hasn't had to deal with a serious media challenge for quite some time (if ever), and now he has other Republicans running their standard brand of misleading ads against him. That's gotta sting.

Attorney General Mike Cox launched his first television ad as a candidate for governor today, depicting himself as "tough enough to lead," and attacking Republican rival U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra as a Washington big spender.

The ad, which will run in every market in the state except Detroit, begins with a sharply-worded attack on Hoekstra for votes in favor of the so-called Wall Street bailout and pork barrel projects including the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere."

The Cox campaign won't reveal how big the buy is, but I can tell you that it was running fairly heavy this morning - I saw it four times in a matter of about two hours - and it's running again as I type this. He takes a slight shot at Obama and Granholm as well for good measure, but the biggest problem in Michigan is obviously Pete Hoekstra.

Cox campaign manager Stu Sandler said the unorthodox decision to open an advertising campaign with an attack on a rival was a reflection of Cox's commitment to focus on issues that matter to voters.

"People across the country are fed up with the spending," Sandler said.

And people in Michigan are fed up with spending on their schools and cities being cut, which Mike Cox would do if his plans were carried out. No matter, we are playing to the teabagger base here - and don't think for a second that Hoekstra will take this lying down. Take it away, Mr. Truscott....

Hoekstra campaign spokesman John Truscott says then-President George W. Bush personally asked Hoekstra to vote for the bank bailout.

Truscott says Cox has never cast a vote and will have to defend his investigation of a rumored Manoogian Mansion party involving disgraced ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Hoekstra will begin running his own ad this week.

Can't wait for that. Would love to see Kwame become a Republican problem for a change.

On top of the Cox attack ad, there is another ad from the anti-tax, anti-labor, US Chamber front group "Americans For Job Security" that uses the same talking points to attack Hoekstra. And that is running pretty heavy in the GR market as well.

Better get off the stick, Twitter Pete. This time, the crazy base that previously has been in your corner all this time is now coming after you.

Ask Bob Bennett. He'll tell you all about it.