Thursday, May 06, 2010

Notes from the Underground 5/6/10

Mike Bishop is playing politics? And being fiscally irresponsible? Shocked, shocked, I tell you!


"I'm excited. We can pass budgets and determine where the money can come from later."

- Sen. Irma CLARK-COLEMAN (D-Detroit) during a discussion on shifting money from other budgets to pay for inspections in the Department of Agriculture budget.

School Retirement Negotiations Over?
"Rep. Mark MEADOWS (D-East Lansing), the lead negotiator for the House Democrats on the school employee early retirement bill, told MIRS just before 7 p.m. this evening that the Senate had essentially ended the negotiations on SB 1227 by pasting a "last offer" tag on its latest counter-proposal."

Meadows: GOP Treating Negotiations Like 'A Game'
"The House Democrats' chief negotiator in the public school employee retirement issue said today the talks with the Senate Republicans on compromise legislation seems more like a game than a mutual attempt to close a deal."

Donigan Proposes Booze Tax to Cover Royal Oak's Tab
"A bill allowing local units of government to put a 50-cent tax on a glass of alcohol was on tap today at the House Tax Policy Committee."

And from what I can gather, the Senate Republicans eliminated our insurance consumer advocate - probably because he is a good friend of the governor's. Consumers be damned, Bishop has only one game plan: Serve himself, obstruct progress, screw over the governor. Who gives a shit about the people, right? Gongwer:


A move by Senate Republicans to eliminate the position held by Melvin "Butch" Hollowell as the state's insurance consumer advocate might be reconsidered.


A panel of state and local government officials would review legislation to determine if it might foist an unfunded mandate on local governments and would recommend changes, or levels of funding, to resolve the problem under legislation being considered by the House Judiciary Committee.