Monday, May 10, 2010

Oil Spill Over Michigan

The folks at Google Earth have developed an overlay of the Gulf oil spill, and Google Earth expert Paul Rademacher built a plug-in for your browser so you can place the spill anywhere you want for a size comparison.

Here is what the spill looks like as of May 6th when you place it over Albion, MI.

Why Albion? This was the only way I could take out both Lansing and Oakland County. (I'm in a mood. Run DJ!) As a result, I ended up spilling a little into Ohio. Sorry Buckeyes. But hey, the Freep got it all over Canada when they placed it on top of Detroit. At least I didn't create an international incident.

As you can see, at that time it stretches from just east of Kalamazoo, all the way to Lake St. Clair. North to south, it covers the bottom third of Clinton county, to a line that is just south of a parallel to Toledo.

Keep checking Google Earth for updates - and they also have links to other information too. Since they haven't been able to stop this, I get the feeling that we are looking at the biggest environmental disaster of our lifetime. Fingers crossed these new boxes will at least slow this down a bit.