Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sunday Paper: May 23, 2010

Senator Shows 'Em How It's Done
Senator shows 'em how it's done. Senator Debbie Stabenow had the dirt ready to fly in GR on May 14th, beating the boys to break ground on the new Heart of the City Health Center, a very much needed all-in-one treatment center for the city's low-income and Medicaid patients. The center will become a "model for the nation" as it will cover primary medical care, dental, pediatrics, and mental health treatment under one roof, services that are now scattered all over town. The center is slated to open in June of 2011. A few more pics from the ceremony here.

Money for the schools, Chrysler is hiring, and no new coal plant. All of which happened after noon on Friday. You guys need to learn how to spread the good stuff out. Here are a few other tidbits from the week that was...

  • Was Mike Cox at the Manoogian party? One dispatcher says so. Cox denies it, but this is a guy who can't even recall what phone company he is with, so how can you trust his memory?

  • Remember how the smoking ban was going to cause every single bar and restaurant in Michigan to go out of business and move to Indiana and OMG we can never pass something like this won't someone please think of the children drunks? Yeah, none of that was true. At least not in Lenawee County, where reports show that there has been only one complaint brought on by confusion about the law, and "several restaurants and taverns that serve food have reported an increase in business and new customers coming in". So, Republican obstruction on this issue was actually bad for business? Imagine that.

  • While we are on the subject, Republicans have moved on to blocking the expanded fireworks legislation that has been passed by the House. I guess that means Republican obstruction is good for Indiana and Ohio business. Wow, I thought they worked for us, not other states. Road trip anyone?

  • Alan Cropsey sides with the bullies and the rabid homophobes because he has "concerns" about legislation that will help keep kids from getting harassed. 43 states have anti-bullying policies, and once again Michigan is left behind the civilized world because of our Senate.

  • Tale of Two Protests. The teabaggers hold a rally on immigration, and draw "a few dozen". Or maybe a hundred, if you listen to Dawson Bell. This is covered in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan's two biggest media markets. Early education supporters hold a rally to call for funding for kids, and draw 3,400. Did you catch that? Thousands for education, compared to "dozens" for the teabaggers. That coverage? Lansing, Saginaw and Jackson. Liberal media indeed.

  • We've got nothing on New Jersey though, where voters are very, very sorry they elected a "cut spending" Republican for governor. Up to 35,000 people, one of the largest protests in the state's history, descended on the capitol to decry Gov. Christie's draconian budget cuts. Just something to keep in mind for the fall.

  • 95.41 percent of Michigan households have access to broadband service. How cool.

  • Michigan's jobless rate edged down to 14% last month, as the state added 28,000 jobs. Heading in the right direction....

  • One last economic shot in the arm: Michigan showed progress in growing venture capital (funding business start-ups) in 2009 - bucking a national trend. The state saw a 10% growth in the "amount of venture capital under management in Michigan by state-based firms", while the rest of the nation saw a 9% decrease. More funding is needed though; high-tech firms are wishing for $2 billion, while only $345 million was available to invest.

    I hear the beach calling. Get ready for a blast of summer this week, with temperatures expected to be pushing 90 for the next few days - go out and enjoy when you can!