Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slideshow: Michelle Obama at Wayne State

Michelle Obama is so cool. I just love this woman. Today she was at Wayne State to talk to kids about their futures, and to adults about mentoring... here is the story from the DNews-

First lady Michelle Obama said today there are brighter times ahead for Detroit and Michigan in her speech at Wayne State, where she called on adults to reach out to young people as mentors.

But she acknowledged it is difficult to think about the future when times are tough.

"I am looking at our future right now ... and it is a beautiful sight," she said at a crowded Adams Field.

"We care so deeply about your futures ... and the future we all share," she said after taking the stage shortly after 11:15 a.m. on a sunny, warm day.

Many in the audience held up signs, some of which read, "Everybody loves Mrs. Obama," "Motown (hearts) Mrs. Obama," "Wayne State loves Mrs. Obama."

Campus police reported no problems or protesters. Eight possible heatstroke victims were taken to the hospital, they said.

Obama pushed those in the audience, including more then 5,000 Detroit Public Schools students, to focus on their studies and make a difference in their lives. She used her life and that of her husband, President Barack Obama, as examples of how students can rise from modest upbringings to the highest office in the land.

mobama9907 Follow the link for the whole story and some crowd reaction. The Freep also has a nice rundown on the day here.

Pretty hot down here in Detroit today. Very draining. Slideshow pics will be up in this spot after I get home, so check back later tonight tomorrow morning to see more of the event. An all-star panel led by Magic Johnson talked about their experiences growing up, and I'm pretty sure I have a shot of Denise Ilitch and Spike Lee together in here somewhere (bet you never thought you would see that, did you).

But for now, I've got to get out of this Starbucks... thinking of going to the Michigan Central Depot and seeing if I can take a look around.... and if I had had a mentor growing up, I probably wouldn't even consider such foolishness.

See what happens? So, go help a kid, before they grow up to be like me. ;-)