Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Sunday Paper: June 6, 2010

Meet Jacob Turner. Turner, who recently turned 19, was the Tigers first round draft pick in 2009 (ninth overall), and signed the largest contract ever by any player right out of high school. So far, he looks worth every penny. A big league presence, stature and consistent fastball has this kid slated for The Show, barring any unforeseen detours (knock on wood). Jacob takes the mound today at 5th3rd in Comstock Park; get out and see him if you can. Gotta feeling he won't be at this level long.

It was 45 years ago today... Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play... (and I know you've seen this picture before, but the other place hasn't)

  • Sticking with the baseball theme to start off, as predicted the "28 out perfect game" is already rapidly reaching the status of baseball lore, so much so that Armando Galarraga has been quoted as saying, "It's been better than pitching a perfect game". And it has. Garnering worldwide attention, this display of "sportsmanship and humanity" has transcended simply being another name in a record book - it has taught us all a valuable and timeless lesson. The Hall of Fame knows it, and they will be receiving Galaragga's spikes for display among the greats. How sweet it is.

  • Rick Haglund makes a great point this week: Instead of talking about "more cuts" to the people, places and things in this state all the time, isn't it better if we start talking about a "growth strategy" for Michigan? Who has the best plan? (And if we have indeed had the nation's biggest tax burden drop, then it would only follow that "more tax cuts" isn't the answer.) Haglund is trying to make his way through this world as an independent journalist - a very noble endeavor. If you are looking for a seasoned and wise reporter who offers a special insight into Michigan's business and political news, bookmark his site and visit it often.

  • Want growth in Michigan? Education, education, education. A new report from Michigan Future Inc. indicates "states that have prospered in recent years have a high concentration of jobs in high-education professions, have high proportions of residents with four-year degrees and have a major metropolitan area that is more prosperous than the rest of the state." Yes, we keep saying that, but our Senate won't listen.

  • A sad silver lining. Jobs that you wish didn't need to be created, but are glad to see going to help the effort in the Gulf, a Grand Rapids area company has been contracted to make oil booms for BP - and for other oil companies afraid of being caught short-handed, should this also happen to them (better not, but better to have the equipment ready). Prestige Products has gone from nine to 125 employees, with plans to hire more.

  • Bruce Patterson's plan for an enemies list Lansing Pravda state-registered media is being met with both laughter and scorn across the nation. I lost track of how many articles; here is the GR Press editorial smack-down of the idea. Anonymous commenters may want to take note though: A court has ruled that an Illinois newspaper must reveal the identity of an individual that was stating as fact that a bed-and-breakfast operation tried to bribe a city planning commission. There is free speech, and there is libel, and this will be an interesting case to follow.

  • Mark Schauer is a stand-up guy. Be sure and show him some love this season.

  • Republicans are trying to manufacture a scandal against the Obama administration, claiming that talking to Sestak and Romanoff is deserving of a taxpayer-funded witch hunt (See: Clinton Years). Meanwhile, George W. Bush was in Grand Rapids this week, where he admitted to committing war crimes. Hmmmm. Maybe that "independent counsel" can pull double duty. In the interest of saving money and all.

  • And on the subject of money, Joe Schwarz didn't have enough. He needed to start long before he did to ante into a hand that costs millions to join. Public campaign financing, anyone?

  • In a display that shows that Mike Bishop is either a) profoundly out of touch with the current needs of this state, or b) a partisan obstructionist hack that wants to deny the "other side" and the governor any perceived victories, this so-called candidate for Attorney General says the deal for a new Detroit bridge "may" be illegal, and the Senate needs more time, it's always more time with this chamber, when it comes to this no-brainer of a monumental project that will create thousands of jobs.

    May be illegal? Is Bishop admitting that he doesn't understand the law surrounding this? And he wants to be an AG? Or, is it that his party plans to use high unemployment in the election, and the last thing he wants to do is create thousands of jobs? Either way, once again, it's all abut Mike Bishop. Let the history books show that in a time when Michigan citizens desperately needed the increased employment, and businesses that would benefit from this bridge desperately needed the increased sales, Mike Bishop told the world "there's no need to charge forward quickly". He will kick this can down the road, just like he has kicked every can down the road, in his seemingly endless attempt to deny progress for Michigan.

    Isn't this exactly what everyone is complaining about? The lack of urgency on the part of lawmakers? Take a long, hard look at Exhibit A here, and ask yourself that question again.