Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bing Endorses Bernero for Governor

Mayor Dave Bing gets on board...

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing today endorsed Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero for governor.

“Although there are many complex issues and problems facing most urban communities throughout this country, Detroit’s challenges are even greater,” Bing said in statement “It will require a unique sensitivity, an unwavering commitment and experienced leadership to help move our city and state forward. Given his success as mayor of Lansing, I believe Virg Bernero possesses these qualities.”

Key word here is "experienced". Snyder would walk into the shark pool and not know what in the world is going on - and that is something that will be a big problem if he were to be elected. At his campaign appearance in Grand Rapids today, he claimed that Lansing was in "crisis" and needed immediate action - but when it came to answering specifics on what he would do, his answers were along the lines that he needed to study the issues and see what would "get results".

So, which is it, immediate action, or more talking and studying? There was a serious disconnect in message there. Not sure if the press picked up on that, but watch for it in the future.

Bernero somehow has to play the outsider card, but also tout his experience too; emphasizing his knowledge on how the machine works, and that he will be able to get things done a lot sooner than someone who is going to need on-the-job training.

Tricky to pull off, but it's doable.