Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Some voting music for you today. Yeah, I know it's not too inspiring, but it really sums up how I feel about the whole political scene this morning. A person can only take so many punches before they stop getting up - and I am pretty much there.

But, get up you must, even if it's only to weigh in against the forces that would return us to the economic policies that are destroying this country. I've read a lot of chatter about progressives voting for Snyder to stop Cox, talked to a neighbor who is switching sides today to try and thwart DeVos-backed teabagger Amash in the 3rd Congressional district.

And that's OK. People gotta do what they feel they must do. At least they care enough to get out there and do something; millions across the state today won't do anything at all.

That's the real tragedy here - but given the choices and the tenor of this campaign, can you really blame them?