Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Virg Bernero Town Hall in Grand Rapids

If these guys are going to show up two blocks from my house, the least I can do is go grab a couple shots, right? Right. Here is your Democratic ticket, hard at work listening to the concerns of business owners and community members in Grand Rapids...


IMG_2242_9733 That's Cory DeMint above, owner of the Electric Cheetah restaurant on Wealthy St. in the Eastown area. He's been having trouble with obtaining a liquor license, and was telling our candidates about the frustrations he has with the process. Now, liquor licenses and laws are a tricky and expensive business, and I'm not going to pretend that I know what all goes into obtaining one, but I bet that both of these mayors can tell you about it - and that is what I keep coming back to when it comes to this election.

Experience. Experience working in government. Experience with the rules and regulations and ins and outs of the machine. The "trendy" campaign these days wants to run as an outsider - but do you really want a rookie to walk into the Capitol and try to run the place, not knowing how all this works? Not me.

The mayors listened to the folks gathered around this table, took names, took notes, and understood exactly where these people are coming from. Best of all, they know how they could help - having worked with the system themselves, they can identify the buttons you have to push and the calls you have to make. A certain someone cannot claim the same thing.

I hope they don't follow the "trend" and run away from their experience with government. It's an asset that will serve the public very well.

UPDATE: Check out the MLive/GR Press shot. I have to smile at my instincts for photojournalism. Too bad they are laying off photojournalists by the boxcar load these days - it's a job that I obviously can do.