Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Chevy Volt Hits the Air

Not a bad ad, but GM seems to have picked up on the same problem that the Democrats have when it comes to advertising - one tag line makes it seem like they are apologetic of their product.

Nice to have Tim Allen's narration, who is slowly but surely becoming the Voice of Michigan. He's comforting. Emphasizing the Volt's range is very important too, it's the strongest selling point of the car. But the tag lines at the end must go. "More car than electric" makes it sound as if the electric part is undesirable. Bzzz. Wrong message to send. "Chevy Runs Deep". Um, OK. If you say so. That ties into Chevy's history, but as a slogan, it's not very memorable or exciting.

So, GM has some things to work out (just like the Democrats!), but they are getting there. This is only one of six ads that will run during the World Series, the others will feature a 60-second history of Chevy, along with a few 30-second spots that will feature baseball and hot dogs and apple pie and the "defining moments in American life" sort of thing. Perhaps those will tie it all together a little better.

Just be grateful that corporations haven't resorted to attack ads yet. Perish the thought.