Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Class Warfare From the Elitist Republicans

When the Republicans say they want to "get the government out of our lives", they mean just that - they want the government out of their lives. They don't want to pay taxes, they don't want to have to follow laws and regulations, they demand personal freedom to do whatever they want regardless of the consequences to rest of us, for they owe nothing back to society. They are elitists of the highest order, and they prove that everyday.

But you, average citizen of Michigan, you are a different story. If you are poor, if you are gay, if you are a woman, if you even remotely look like an immigrant, if you are the one in five on food assistance, well, you need more government restrictions in your life. Republican Tom McMillin has just the law for you - and don't try any funny business, because he can tell just by looking at you who is deserving and who isn't.

If signed into law, the proposed legislation would prohibit a person getting welfare, food stamps or Medicaid from collecting a lottery prize of more than $600. If the prize were larger, the portion not paid to the winner would go to the state School Aid Fund, as does all unclaimed lottery prize money.

House Bill 6534 was introduced Oct. 5 by state Rep. Tom McMillin of Rochester Hills and co-sponsored by House members Jim Stamas of Midland, David Agema of Grandville and Pete Lund of Shelby Township. All are Republicans.

McMillin, a freshman legislator, said he introduced the bill because the concept had been on his mind and he wanted to "open up debate."

"The lottery is a bad gamble for a lot of people," McMillin said. "Some people play it for recreation. One too many times, I saw people standing in line who appeared to be poor and they were buying tons of lottery tickets."

McMillin said his goal is to keep people in need from wasting money.

"They should save it and buy some clothes and food -- and make sure they're looking good when they go out for a job interview," McMillin said.

You know Tom, maybe we should open this to debate. Let's talk about gambling. Legislators are a bad gamble for many people. Some people buy you for recreation. One too many times, I have seen people at the Capitol building who appeared to be rich standing in line, and they were buying tons of influence from lawmakers. My goal is to keep people of means from wasting their money on hypocritical demagogues such as yourself. They should save it and buy some intelligent and caring legislators instead - make sure they are spending it wisely when they purchase a lawmaker, one that doesn't waste money on legislation they admit is going nowhere.

McMillin said he knows of no other state that has adopted such a plan but said a similar bill was considered -- and rejected -- in Tennessee.

As for his own proposal, "I don't expect it to necessarily pass this year," McMillin said.

But next?

Elect Republicans, and you are going to get all kinds of crazy shit like this. Wait and see. But tell ya what, Tom - let's amend that bill to include ALL that receive "government assistance". Any wealthy individual or company receiving tax breaks should not be allowed to play the lottery. That includes the employees as well. It's only fair. They are wasting their money, right?

No? Don't think that idea will fly?

Neither do I.

Oh, and by the way, where are all those anti-government teabaggers now? Once again, when Republicans suggest "more government", they are nowhere to be found. Funny how that works, isn't it?

(h/t to Jackie Headapohl at MLive.)