Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Living Portrait of Governor Granholm

Nice video that talks of the accomplishments of Governor Granholm, featuring testimonials from the familiar faces that have been a part of this journey. This is a "living portrait", commissioned by the group that is handling the official painted portrait for the Capitol. From the Michigan 2010 Foundation:

It is tradition that upon leaving office a Michigan Governor has a portrait painted and hung in the State Capitol. The portrait is typically unveiled at the Capitol after the Governor leaves office.The Michigan 2010 Foundation was established in part to fund the commission of Governor Granholm’s portrait to be hung in the Capitol Building’s rotunda. This portrait will serve as a reminder of Governor Granholm’s accomplishments in office and will be on display for the next several decades.

I've been more interested in what the Govenor has had to say in her own words. She has been holding exit interviews with all your favorite Michigan media folks, from print last week, to TV and radio this week. So far the one I like the best is the raw-cut interview from WDIV - unfortunately they don't have an embed feature, so you will have to watch it there. It's good stuff.

I've also been watching the critical editorials coming from the "usual suspects" who always were looking for the dark side, looking for perfection where it couldn't ever exist - and the funny thing is, I just don't care what they have to say anymore. Just doesn't seem worth the time to refute the nitpicking from those who refuse to look at the whole picture. Anyone who has observed the events of this past decade, and has tried to absorb just what happened here, really wrapped your head around the numbers - the things she did accomplish, while at the same time handling crisis after crisis after crisis, is pretty amazing.

I'm still coming to grips with it all myself. Anyone who has followed me on community blogs these past five years (or at my own blog for the past seven years) knows how I feel about this Governor, and right now I'm having a hard time summing up just what I want to say as she leaves....