Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Mike Bishop Theory of Good Governance

It's all about serving the people. Honest.

"By holding our leaders accountable and reminding them of the message voters sent this past November, we all can ensure that our government and party respects the will of those they have the honor to represent."

Really? But what about the message the voters sent in '06 and '08, when they re-elected Granholm in a landslide and gave the Democrats a huge majority in the House?

On many days, he said, he felt his leadership in the Senate was merely to stop policy proposals initiated by the governor and House.

Ahh, we get it now. As long as voters send the message that Bishop wants to hear, they deserve respect. Other times, not so much.

Something to keep in mind should Bishop decide he wants to serve the will of the voters again in the future. He has put that threat on the table, so consider yourself warned.

UPDATE: Seems Bishop is fond of bragging about his obstructionism now. From a MIRS headline of 12/22/10:

Bishop: 'My Job Was To Be An Obstructionist'
"It took him two hours and 20 minutes in a winter storm to get here today, but outgoing Senate Majority Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) wanted a last chance to set the record straight on his tenure in the upper chamber."