Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Poll Surprises Journalist Who Didn't Pay Attention to Previous Polls

New in town?

More surprising in the poll by EPIC-MRA is that 64 percent say they would accept some increase in taxes or fees to help balance the budget, which has a projected shortfall of $1.8 billion.

That runs counter to the dogma spouted by Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature. Both have said they won’t entertain tax increases to balance the budget – only spending cuts.

Two-thirds of the electorate seems like a lot of support for revenue increases. Anybody out there in positions of power listening?

No. They aren't. Well, not now, anyway.

64% is roughly par for the course, has been for quite a while.

9/25/09 - "64 percent of voters support some level of revenue increases to balance the budget".
10/20/09 -"In terms of overall budget issues, a wide majority (62 percent) thought some revenues should be used to solve the budget problem".
12/02/09 - "75% said some tax increases are needed to balance the budget". (that came after they slashed school funding)
1/14/10 - "Kellogg Foundation: Michigan Residents OK with Tax Increases".
2/28/10 - "59% of the people are OK with raising at least some taxes".
4/20/10 - "61% said the state should increase taxes".
6/1/10 - "63% are OK with at least some increases in state taxes".

Except for the Kellogg study, all the rest are EPIC, asking the same question. Here is the latest poll that is referred to above:

64 percent supports balancing the state budget with at least some tax increases
44 percent favors balancing the state budget with mostly budget cuts
44 percent favors balancing the budget with equal cuts/tax increases, or mostly/only tax increases
13 percent favors balancing the budget with mostly or only tax increases

Carry on.