Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Tweet to Rule Them All

This about sums it up.

MichiganDems Overall good speech by Gov. Snyder tonight. It sounded like a Democrat could have given 80% of it. What did you think?

Must... resist... temptation... to... twist... knife...

What to say. Yes, expanding the 21st Century Jobs Fund is a great idea. Very surprised about that one. Love the thought of the Office of Urban Initiatives to help with big city issues, and the promise of incentives connected to revenue sharing seems to assure that revenue sharing will indeed survive in some form. Not clear what was meant by "government initiatives to increase access to health care", but it sure flies contrary to the usual Republican rhetoric about "socialized medicine". Good to see the call for funding for Pure Michigan, which the Republicans had previously obstructed, and the call for the Detroit River International Crossing to be built, which the Republicans had also previously obstructed. "P-20" education is an interesting concept that we've heard... somewhere... before; maybe some sort of scholarship or something is in order there. And how about the idea that we should encourage more immigrants to come to Michigan and start businesses? Bet that had Hoogendyk clutching his pearls, wherever he is today. Maybe we need a page on the Michigan Dashboard that measures teabagger angst, because it's probably off the chart right about now with all this talk of new government outreach and expansion.

80% Democratic ideas? Could be. Shame that the House wasn't willing to walk the plank for them before, isn't it? But let's get back to the reason why. The rubber hits the road when it comes to paying the bills, and that is where the problems will start. Since we are once again being treated to the Republican Free Lunch promise of more service from less revenue, we have yet to find out who the "winners and losers" are when it comes to picking up the tab that inevitably comes due.

The perfect metaphor for that speech was the bit about eliminating item pricing - lots of good ideas offered without a sticker that indicates the cost. It will all be revealed when we hit the check-out lane in the next few months.

I missed the shoot. Never thought I would, but I did. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted...