Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talking Heads Tackle Wisconsin

Former (still not used to that) Governor Granholm's first appearance on "Meet the Press", ICYMI:

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Miss my governor, just like I knew I would - but if there is anyone I want to see join the Sunday crowd, it's her. Love how she starts right out with the concessions offered by the Wisconsin unions, and points out that Walker's refusal to compromise now is simply an attack on collective bargaining. Which it is.

"The national conversation is about reigning in government spending", sez David. Wow, probably shouldn't have extended the Bush tax cuts then, huh? Since the tax cuts, the unfunded wars, and the economic downturn due to the recession are the biggest contributors to the deficit and all, we might want to take a look at those things as well - and that is where this current national conversation misses the mark. Focusing on how we can chisel more money out of the poorer citizens is going to get pretty old pretty quick, especially given the cuts that are happening at the state level too. Going to come a point where people say "enough is enough" and start fighting back.

So, carry on with your "austerity" talk when it comes to the middle class for now - but eventually we might see the Spirit of Wisconsin break out all over the country. If and when that day comes, please oh please let trickle down economics be discredited once and for all, and maybe then we can start having a serious national conversation about investing in this country and our people once again.