Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EPA's Earth Day State of the Environment Photo Project

Sandhill cranes, UP. Once nearly eliminated in Michigan, they have made a good comeback in the past few decades.

Michigan, represent. Check out this cool project:

Got a camera? The Environmental Protection Agency wants you.

The federal agency has embarked on a yearlong campaign to collect photographs from across the United States and around the world for its State of the Environment Photo Project.

Launched just before Earth Day, April 22, the project is modeled after the Documerica effort during the 1970s in which the agency hired dozens of freelance photographers to capture thousands of images related to the environment and everyday life in America.

This time, the scope is global and it's driven by social media.

The EPA is calling on the masses to post their best photographs on Flickr.

In the first week, about 100 images were posted to a special group page set up through the photo sharing network. The EPA is tweeting about its favorites and sharing some of them on its Facebook page.

I'm terribly lazy when it comes to adding stuff to groups, but I joined up and will send in some shots of our beautiful state. Would be very nice to see something make the final collection. The Documerica project of the 70s is part of the National Archives; you can see those photos here.