Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Koch Brothers Tea Party Comes for Snyder and the Detroit Bridge

Sounds like game over for the Detroit International River Crossing. Or the New International Trade Crossing. Or whatever it is they wanted to call it - the Koch brothers are gassing up the Americans for Prosperity advertising juggernaut bus, and they are steering it right at Governor Snyder and any Republican legislator that even dared to think about supporting the new bridge.

A pro-business, anti-government group known as Americans for Prosperity plans to launch a campaign Monday to oppose a new publicly owned bridge to Canada.

The group is a Michigan chapter of a nationwide group founded by former Texas congressman Dick Armey, a conservative Republican who had promoted various tea party efforts.

Jake Davison, a spokesman for the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity, said details will be unveiled Monday about the campaign against the New International Trade Crossing, the publicly owned bridge project formerly known as the Detroit River International Crossing, including which specific tactics will be used and "what lawmakers and districts will be targeted."

The effort promises to become the latest salvo in the war of words between backers of the publicly owned bridge, including Gov. Rick Snyder, and opponents including Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun, who has fought the public bridge project for years because it will compete with his privately owned bridge.

But Matty Moroun isn't behind this. Oh no. Not him. Pay no attention to the fact that he recently hired Dick Morris to bad-mouth the bridge. No connection what-so-ever.

Dan Stamper, president of Moroun's Detroit International Bridge Co., which operates the Ambassador Bridge, denied that the bridge company was paying for the Americans for Prosperity campaign. "I'd like to hear what they have to say," he said of the Americans for Prosperity effort.

I bet you do. By the time the AFP gets done spending millions to spread their lies, they will make this bridge sound like the gateway to a full-blown Canadian invasion of "socialism" for America. Can't wait to see how they frame this.

Bye-bye to 10,000 jobs. Maybe New York would be interested.

Oh, and Governor Snyder? Welcome to the Big Leagues. Have a feeling the Nerd is finding out right about now who is really running this show - and it ain't him.