Monday, April 18, 2011

Snyder Recall Petition Language Filed With the State Today

OK, this HAS to be a record for fastest recall filed.

A group that wants to recall Republican Gov. Rick Snyder says it will file its proposed petition wording with the state of Michigan this morning.

Michigan Citizens United, which last month filed paperwork to form a political action committee, announced the development Sunday on its website,

The group, a coalition of people angered by measures Snyder announced in his Feb. 17 budget, as well as his support for sweeping new powers for local government and school district emergency financial managers, said once the petition wording is approved, it plans to start collecting signatures on May 8.

They need to collect 807,000 valid signatures; they claim that they will shoot for 1.1 million just to make sure. The earliest day they can turn them in is July 1st.

Wow. I honestly didn't take this seriously. Can they do it? Unknown, but the numbers on these protests have been pretty impressive. Another one was held Saturday in tiny Adrian - and they had 500 people show up. Lots of very unhappy people out here. So maybe...

UPDATE: Just wanted to add that just because I blog something doesn't necessarily mean I endorse it. There are many dangers in going down this road - but if these folks want to put in the time and effort to do this, be my guest. I will sign a petition and I would vote for recall because I believe that the overall fiscal policy of this administration will hurt this state in the long run. And, since the Republicans are refusing to listen to the concerns of those protesting, and haven't shown any inclination to "bipartisanship", a recall looks to be the only way to send a message.

I would rather the time and effort be put into finding and funding candidates to run for the House in 2012, but that's me. You guys do what you feel you need to do.