Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cadillac Snyder Protest Draws Over 300 People

I continue to be impressed with the number of protesters that are showing up in smaller towns. 500 in Adrian last Saturday, today in Cadillac...

Hundreds of northern Michigan residents rose before dawn to let their first-term governor know they're not happy with his ideas.

State residents are showing up in droves to express their objections — and sometimes anger — with budget measures proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican majority in the state Legislature.

"I think this thing has taken on a momentum of its own," said Dave Stout, of Cadillac, who helped organize an early morning demonstration at Snyder's breakfast appearance in Cadillac. The Tuesday event drew more than 300 protesters outside the Wexford Civic Center.

Pretty big number for a cold Wednesday morning. I'm just waiting for the next EPIC poll...

(yes, it was Cadillac on a Tuesday. Sorry for the errors, was trying to do a bunch of things at once when I first posted this...)