Saturday, May 07, 2011

For The Ages


An extraordinary day. An extraordinary portrait. If you need to know the meaning of the symbolism behind the items pictured within, check out the AP article here or the press release from the website. The expression of thoughtfulness as she looks toward the future, the stance of determination and forward motion, all perfect. If you thought otherwise, well, you weren't paying attention to who this woman is and what she accomplished during the most difficult of times for our state. Go look again.

I was thinking of writing out the whole event from a personal angle, do a slideshow - but this one I think I will keep for myself. Besides, I couldn't hope to cover the range of thoughts and emotions that went through my head and my heart as I looked at that beautiful picture and instantly understood what it portrays. It means the world to me that I was here to both witness and play a part in this. If you need to know exactly how I feel, well, start at October of 2003 or so, and just keep reading. It's all there.

I will say this though: I will never have a greater honor in my life than to have been able to serve during this period in Michigan's history. Thank you Governor Granholm. For the gift you gave to me, for the love you show for our state, for everything. You are the very best, and nothing I write can ever convey the depth of the gratitude I feel.

Just know it's there, and I will carry it with me, always.