Friday, May 13, 2011

Snyder Won't Be Involved in the "Relentless Positive Action"

Anyone notice the disconnect in message here?

“Shared sacrifice” is a consistent Snyder mantra. “I call it relentless positive action, because it’s not just doing a little bit,” he says. “We just need to keep pushing hard on the positive side.”

But Snyder won't be doing that. Oh no. Not him.

“Today's not the right date yet,” Snyder told the business group of his unwillingness to do national media interviews on Michigan's “comeback.” Michigan must accomplish a good portion of its turn-around before it can toot its own horn, he suggested.

See, you are supposed to be happy and positive and optimistic that he is gutting your schools and cities and raising your taxes to give more money to his rich friends, while he refuses to even lift a finger to promote our state and attract new jobs.

So, "it's not just doing a little bit". For Snyder, it's doing nothing at all. You - you howsoever, are a different story. Best get back to work and put a smile on your face, before you find yourself downsized out of the state.

Hey, you wanted to elect a "boss". How is that working out for us?