Monday, June 06, 2011

Andy Won't Bite

Very interesting.

Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon has turned down a request from an Allen Park resident to review the city's finances under the state's new emergency manager law.

snyderprotest9497It's Dillon's second rejection in the past week of a requested review from a financially troubled Michigan city. Dillon recently turned down a similar request from Jackson Mayor Karen Dunigan.

Just as with Dunigan's request, state officials determined the request from Bryan Diebolt was premature, spokesman Terry Stanton said.

"We have indicated to the individual that officials in Allen Park are aware of the city's financial situation and are taking steps to address it, and therefore a preliminary review will not be conducted at this time," Stanton said.

Diebolt, who learned from The Detroit News the request he submitted in March had been turned down, said today he is frustrated.

The city still has not set a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 and officials said at a recent meeting Allen Park could be out of money in two weeks, he said.

"The state doesn't want to take a look at this?" he asked.

No, the state wants you to do the dirty work. Dillon may be a weasel, but he's certainly not an idiot. The bad publicity from the EFM is probably still ringing in some ears down there, and they aren't about to get that media machine cranked up again if they can avoid it.

Time. Give it time. And if Allen Park really does run out of money, the state will have justification when they step in - and be able to blame city officials for the problem.

It's all on you, locals. Sorry about that.