Monday, June 06, 2011

On this D-Day


"When the soul betrays itself and loses the blessed and longed-for fervor, let it carefully investigate the reason for losing it. And let it arm itself with all its longing and zeal against whatever caused this. For the former fervor can return only through the same door through which it was lost. - St. John Climacus, The Ladder of Divine Ascent

Breakthrough. Love it when that happens.

Off to enjoy this day - but just wanted to stop and wish Chrysler a big Happy Birthday!, born on this day in 1925. Nice little write-up in Newsweek about Marchionne and the miraculous turnaround...

It was two years ago when Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne appeared at the airline-terminal-size Chrysler headquarters near Detroit to address a demoralized staff. They were as skeptical as the rest of the auto industry about their newly installed chain-smoking, sweater-clad, Italian-Canadian CEO and his mission to rescue Chrysler, a company burning through $1 billion a month.

Fast forward to the present, when Chrysler stands out as an improbable bright spot in a still-struggling U.S. economy. Not only is the company showing faster sales growth than its rivals, but paying back its $7.6 billion in U.S. and Canadian loans well ahead of schedule. So when President Obama, who had approved the long-shot bailout and merger with Fiat, visited the Chrysler plant in early June in Toledo, Ohio, where Jeep Wranglers are made, the factory tour had the feeling of a victory lap. “I placed my bet on you,” Obama told workers. “What you’ve done vindicated my faith.” Marchionne doesn’t mind being part of Obama’s PR offensive. “I love Obama to talk about Chrysler,” he says. “It’s the cheapest bloody advertising I can get.”

"Been to hell and back and yet still dares to dream".

Us D-Day babies need to stick together. :-)