Tuesday, June 14, 2011

True North

The cinematography in this one is absolutely beautiful. What great shots.

Fun fact: "Pure Michigan" was not the original name of the campaign.

People say the Pure Michigan advertising campaign has stirred their memories and imaginations, and even kept them listening to the ads in their cars after they have reached their driving destination, just as the campaign was designed to do, according to its creator, the McCann Erickson agency.

But the Pure Michigan slogan almost did not happen, Mark Canavan told The St. Ignace News Friday, May 7. He is the group creative director with McCann Erickson of Birmingham, the agency that created the state's ads.

The original campaign slogan was “Find Your True North.”

It was really well received when tested, said Mr. Canavan, but George Zimmerman, vicepresident of Travel Michigan, and his staff thought it sparked images of Michigan that were a little too much north of the 45th parallel.

“We said it's the best line ever, we can never improve on it,” recalls Mr. Canavan. “Well, they were right and we were wrong.”

The McCann staff started over after meeting with Travel Michigan, and for two days they came up with new ideas. Many included references to waves and water.

“We sat in a room and somebody said it [Pure Michigan], somebody wrote it down, and somebody thought about it,” said Mr. Canavan. “We reflected on the water we have, which is really the basis for Pure Michigan.”

And the rest is history...