Sunday, July 03, 2011

Avila All-Star!

Alex Avila Whitecaps 7/27/08
Avila bats for the Whitecaps in 2008.

Just for grins, check out the Getty photo of Avila in a Tigers uniform that accompanies this story.

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila beat out the New York Yankees’ Russell Martin and earned his first selection as an All-Star.

Avila, whose offense statistics were unrivaled among American League catchers, will start the game July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix. He will be joined by three teammates who also were selected: right-hander Justin Verlander, closer Jose Valverde and first baseman Miguel Cabrera.

And guess who helped him get there. Besides the fans, that is.

Avila had trailed Martin in fan balloting by about 400,000 votes before polls closed Wednesday night. But an aggressive campaign for Avila, led by Verlander’s own Twitter effort, helped push the 24-year-old backstop past Martin.

Verlander has a new campaign going to get Victor Martinez in on a final fan vote, you can follow him here, and go vote here.