Monday, July 04, 2011

Hollyhock Lane 4th of July

The Hollyhock Lane 4th of July Parade in southeast Grand Rapids is the longest-running parade in Michigan - so I decided that since it's only blocks from my house, well, maybe I could get off my you-know-what and go get some shots.

Found all our favorite local politicians - but the star of the show for me was this:


Talked with the owner, he absolutely LOVES his Volt, drives to Holland everyday for work, and has had zero problems with it so far. Told me once the weather warmed up the battery really performs great, and he rarely needs to get gas. He's sold.

Got to say hi to Senator Stabenow. (Edit: Changed this on 7/5 to an "action" shot on the Lane, click the link to see a nice smile from Debbie.)


Urged her to stop the House from cutting renewable energy subsidies. She agrees, of course. Good to see her again.

Here's a shot of the band:


The parade runs through the tree-lined streets and ends up on Hollyhock Lane, which is an alley off the main roads. Very charming. It was a tough shoot because you are always moving in and out of the light - so I'm headed up to EGR to try and get some shots there too. Something about a water-ski contest on Reeds Lake...

It's a beautiful day. Enjoy your 4th everyone.